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haskell.nix February Update

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  • Support for external Hackage repositories was improved by #1370. We can now use an extra package repository just by adding a repository block to the cabal.project file. This makes it easy to make use of an extra hackage databases such as hackage.head and hackage-overlay-ghcjs. A sha256 for the repository it can be added as a comment in the repository block or by including it in the sha256map argument.

Version Updates

  • nix-tools was updated to use the Cabal 3.6.2 and hnix 0.16 nix-tools#113
  • Nixpkgs pins were bumped #1371
  • Update booting on aarch64 linux to ghc 8.8.4 1325 and 1374

Bug fixes

  • Allow linking pcre statically with musl #1363
  • Add gpiod to system nixpkgs map #1359
  • Add poppler-cpp to png-config Nixpkgs map #1373
  • Use the same logic that cabal-install uses for determining the path of a packages .tar.gz in a repository nix-tools#114
  • Fix libnuma dependency in rts.conf 1342
  • Fix when "materialized" dir is deep #1376
  • Prefer local building for git-ls-files #1378 and #1381
  • Fix stack cache generator sha256 is a string not a lambda #1383
  • Only pass --index-state to cabal when asked #1384
  • Pass enableDWARF to makeConfigFiles to fix -g3 support in nix-shell #1385

Finally, we’d like to thank all the awesome contributors, who make haskell.nix a thriving open source project! ❤️