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IOG GHC Update #29

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Triweekly update from the GHC DevX team at IOG.

Previous updates can be found here.

High-level Summmaryโ€‹

Sprint focused on general maintenance of GHC (reviews, issue triage, etc.) and progress on opened merge requests. Next sprint the team will be attending the Haskell Foundation Workshop, Zurihac, and IOG meetup. We hope to meet you at Zurihac!


Jeff: Finished lowering bitcast primops into the native code generators and the wasm backend. GHC!12333 GHC now generates slightly smarter assembly in these cases.

Sylvain: fixed support for the HexFloatLiterals extension with unboxed literals. GHC#22155 GHC!12657

Sylvain: fixed a call to stgCallocBytes triggering a new warning with recent GCCs. GHC#24828 GHC!12655

Sylvain: reduced allocations in JS code generator due to a mistake. GHC#24746 GHC!12631

Luite: Worked on a build issue related to libffi GHC#24864

Luite: Worked on per-thread control of profiling counters for cost centre stack profiling. This may add a new STG register similar to this proof of concept luite/ghc/prof-status-register

Jeff: Repaired tests in the testsuite that track size of the RTS object file. GHC!12605