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IOG GHC Update #30

· One min read

Triweekly update from the GHC DevX team at IOG.

Previous updates can be found here.

High-level Summmary

The team attended the Haskell Foundation Workshop, Zurihac, and an IOG meetup in Zürich. Many interesting discussions and some in-person bug fixing. We also noticed that there is still quite a lot of interest in our previous work on the JavaScript backend.


Luite: continued work on per-thread control of profiling counters for cost centre stack profiling. Discussions with the db-sync team identified the need for counters while in FFI calls (e.g. PostgreSQL queries) which we will work on.

Sylvain: compiler performance: use IntSet backed data structure instead of UniqSet Unique (which duplicates the Unique which is used as key and value). GHC#23605 GHC!12687.

Jeff: factorized uses of ad-hoc FastStrings (interned strings) in the JS backend to prepare for potential future improvements (type-safe eDSL, better codegen...). GHC!12698

Sylvain: fixed parsing of HexFloatLiterals syntax for unboxed literals GHC#22155 GHC!12657.

Most of the rest is work-in-progress and will be reported when completed.